How To Choose Your Perfect Work-Wife

When you outsource, the reality is that you’re choosing a partner. A work-wife of sorts.

It’s kind of a big deal.

You wouldn’t want to jump in bed and commit to the first girl you meet…right?

You want her to fit the role well. Maybe she needs to be smart, fun, interesting, capable, and trustworthy.

The same thing applies to choosing an outsourcing partner. It helps to imagine that you’re going to be dating them.

What qualities would be totally critical to a dating relationship?

The following is a list of the traits I look for in my prospective partners.


You wouldn’t hire a sales person with zero sales experience and just pray it works out. Outsourcing is not the place the roll the dice and take a risk in your business. Hire someone who knows that they’re doing, and has done it before…and done it well. Have they worked with your niche before? What are they especially skilled at?


More often than not, it’s not someone’s ability to do a task, but their accountability that makes them successful. Can you count on them to meet deadlines and keep their word about when a project will be finished? Can they keep themselves accountable or will they need constant monitoring by you?


Look for people who are leaders! Are they forward thinking and internally motivated? You want someone who is confident enough to offer insights about improvements they see, ideas they have, etc. If someone is overly timid, I don’t love to outsource to them. I like someone who will speak up and be heard.


In life, in marriage, and in outsourcing…flexibility is key. Not only flexibility in work availability but also in thinking and working. There will be long hours when a product is about to launch. Having someone dedicated to your project time-wise will make a huge difference at crunch time. You’ll want them to rotate through several tasks quickly at other times and know that they can handle that. Can they think outside the box?

I know this is a pretty basic list…but years of outsourcing has shown me what is really key in an employee, and I can guarantee this is what you want to look for.

So assess your employees, and maybe even yourself against this list and then move forward in your business.


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