Read Any Book In Less Than 5 Minutes

Just last week I had 7 different books recommended by friends and colleagues who said “You HAVE to read this!”

A while ago those 7 books would have been added to my never ending list of books that I would hopefully get around to reading someday.

Sound familiar?

The reality is there’s just so much information out there. You’ll never have enough time to filter through everything.

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The Real Secret To A Lasting Business

I believe we’re extremely lucky to be living in this age of Internet entrepreneurism.

Unfortunately we also live in a time where shortcuts and being “just good enough” is the norm for most businesses.

The short-term mentality of making money is the priority.

This year I walked away from two business ventures where this was the case.

What happened to EXCELLENCE being the standard you strive for?

What happened to having PRIDE in the work you do?

What happened to providing lasting VALUE?

If you’re one of the few that make these things a part of your business model, you stand out…

… and customers can feel it.

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Why You Don’t Need To Outsource…

You Don’t Need To Outsource…

If you’re happy making less money, and playing small in your business.

Almost every entrepreneur I work with has tried to play the game of juggling it all themselves.

Sometimes they’re afraid of losing control if they hand things off to other people. Maybe they believe only they can do what they do as well as they do it. Or sometimes they don’t think they can afford the help they need.

Well, I’m calling bullshit on that!

Yeah, MAJOR bullshit.

You know what all these entrepreneurs have in common?

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