3 Frequently Overlooked Outsourcing Goldmines…

I still sometimes feel that we talk about outsourcing in hushed voices, afraid of looking weak or out of fear of some imagined judgement. But some of the leading companies in the world and small level startups leverage outside help all the time.


Because they’re smart. Here are a few things that you’ve been hesitant to outsource that you should anyways.

1. Product Development

Whether you’re providing a physical product- i.e. the apple iPhone, or you’re offering software and digital products doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t be manufacturing that product. I even tell my sister-in-law who sells handmade products on Etsy that she needs to outsource that. So put your cross-stitch down. Or better yet, give it to your Grandma to finish for you.

You are the Rainmaker, first and foremost. I understand the quality of the delivered product is the customer’s most important experience with your company, and I know the stakes are high. Outsource it anyways! Do your homework, find a reliable outsourced team, and make it happen.

2. Building Your Audience

You’ve got your product, but you need people to sell it to. It’s one thing to build an incredible app, it’s another thing altogether to get users for that app. Finding someone whose expertise is generating users or leads will be invaluable. You don’t make money if there is no one to market your product to. People who specialize in this arena know where to look and how to sell. Getting a person like that to handle that aspect of business will take you to the next level. One area where it can be helpful to have instant expertise is user acquisition.

3. Marketing & Branding

This part can be tricky. Really understanding your target market and what is important to them will help shape your branding and marketing strategies. Is your product for investors or consumers? Asking the right questions and finding the answers can be a lengthy process, and it should be because it’s a critical piece of the puzzle. However don’t try and spend your time working out the logistics of marketing. Hire outside help who knows their stuff.

I say it’s time we stop whispering about outsourcing and instead let’s shout it from the rooftops. Because outsourcing done right will take your business from good to great and you’ll kill the competition.

BOOM! Get to it.


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