3 Outsourcing Hacks You Wish You’d Known When You Started…

It’s a pretty exciting moment in any business – the moment you know you need to outsource.

But what happens when the typical outsourcing platforms like Odesk and Fiverr aren’t what you’re looking for, but the idea of overseas outsourcing makes you uneasy… what options do you have?

One of my favorite solution-finding questions to ask in a situation like this is “What’s another way?”

Here’s a few examples of other ways to outsource.


People really often overlook the opportunity to get excellent, quality work for cheap from college students. Not only are they smart and savvy, they are eager for opportunities and experience. Your project could easily satisfy their creative itch while meeting internship standards and helping them meet course requirements. Something I love about working with students is that they have a cutting edge vision and really innovative ideas.


Some people have strict “no family” rules in their business, and while I understand it can be messy, it can also be a working strategy for outsourcing. As long as you are completely clear with family, and have boundaries and contracts in place like you would any other employee, you can create a win-win scenario. In any family you have a mix of talents and abilities to draw on for outsourcing.


This isn’t my favorite option for outsourcing, mainly because I teach people to outsource so they will get their time back. But if money is a huge factor and you want quality work, one option is to barter services with someone. If you have a valuable skill, product, or service, you can do a trade straight across. I REALLY like this idea if it means you can offer a product of yours that requires no time for you to create, like a virtual product. Joining a time bank is another spin on trading services.

My point is, there is always another way to outsource. It doesn’t have to look a certain way to be a really good, working strategy for your business. Do what works for you. Just OUTSOURCE!


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