4 Tips To Guarantee Success With Your Freelancers

The days of outsourcing costing a small fortune are gone. You can get incredible work for incredible value… and more easily than ever.

But how do you guarantee your own success when you outsource with a freelancer?

A few years in the business and a few less than ideal experiences have lead me to create this list of tips for you to guarantee you get the results you’re hoping for when you hire a freelancer. Check it out.

Tip 1 – Read the Fine Print

There’s no lack of websites for you to track down the help you want these days, but people overlook the policies far too often. Sometimes there will be non-disclosure agreements. Other times the freelancer will be allowed to post what they’ve created in their personal portfolio online. When you know the policies you can make sure you’re prepared for the possible outcomes. I recommend having your new employee sign a work for hire agreement that has a non-disclosure clause. Covering all your bases will keep you from the hassle of a disagreement later on.

Tip 2 – Be Picky

Choosing a freelancer from a list can be overwhelming, and I’ve made the mistake of just closing my eyes and pointing to one before. Let’s just say…I don’t recommend that. Take the time to read over your list of potential workers and really notice their credentials. Things to look for:

  • What is the site rating?
  • What’s their track record on the site?
  • How long have they been on the site?
  • How much total revenue have they collected?

Repeat business is a great sign; it means they are providing quality work, they’re reliable, and they deliver to their customers’ satisfaction. Don’t be tempted to go for the lowest bid once you post the job. I have, on occasion, hired the lowest bid and been extremely happy… but of course I did my homework before making that decision. It IS possible to get quality talent for an excellent price.

Tip 3 – Be Specific

Be clear about what you want. You can still give creative freedom to your freelancers while giving them a clear picture of your vision. I find that knowing what I want up front and then communicating it well saves the time and cost of going back and forth with your freelancer and ending up with so-so work. Err on the side of giving them too much information, and you’ll be better off. I also recommend offering examples of other work you like and letting them know what you like about it specifically, or show examples of similar products if it helps them get clear.

Tip 4 – Define the Finish Line

This is one of the most important factors in maximizing what you get from a freelancer. Have a very time sensitive plan in place with your employee. If you set a one-time due date, you are missing out on the opportunity to have regular check-in points along the way. Setting a series of check-in points will allow you to redirect them if necessary and keep them accountable. It will also allow you more of a say in what the final product looks like before it gets to that point. Additionally, a schedule of milestones can help guarantee that you get what you paid more, instead of paying for the job upfront.

Follow these guidelines when you’re looking for a freelancer and I can guarantee you’ll have a good experience!


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