7 Easy Ways to Increase Staff Productivity by 12%

Keeping your employees productive and efficient is key in any business.

Big or small, every company tries to find different ways to make their employees hours’ count.

Wanna know the secret to having more productive, harder working employees?


Happy employees are productive employees.

It’s that simple. When your people feel good, happy and valued, their work quality and output increase.

And it’s not just a bunch of hoopla, either.

Science proves it.

Research conducted by The University of Warwick in the United Kingdom highlights that productivity increases by up to 12% when employees are happy. Another research from New Economics Foundation suggested that productivity can go as high as 50% when employees are happy.

So what are some simple, cost-effective ways to make your employees happier?

Here’s 7 of my favorites:

1. Get Indoor Plants

Studies done by the NCIB demonstrates that getting in touch with nature is among the most effective ways to reduce stress among employees and improve health among your staff.
(Just make sure someone is watering them. Dead plants won’t help morale. :))

2. Remodel

I don’t mean you have to knock down walls. This one seems dumb, but studies have shown that providing an ample space and comfort to employees increase productivity by 64%.

Just consider Google.

They are arguably the leaders in the industry, and it’s pretty well known what sets them apart – their focus on making the workplace extremely employee friendly and comfortable. it seems they understand something most companies don’t; investing in your employees’ environment creates a huge payoff.

Paint a wall a bright color. Provide a comfortable break room with nice chairs, interesting art, good smells. Let your employees personalize their workspace. The head of Google’s people operations department, Laslo Bock, has this to say about that:

“The idea behind this is the employees should own their individual space, be as creative as possible and we shouldn’t get in the way.”

Take it from the experts, guys.

3. Encourage Exercise

I’m not saying go out and buy a treadmill. But companies who encourage exercise breaks increase productivity to as much as 25%. So maybe start with encouraging short walks. Studies show a 15-minute walk can even increase your staffs’ psychological mood for up to 11 hours.

Not bad, eh?

4. Laugh

Laughter really is the best medicine. Encourage laughter in the workplace every day. It could be as simple as playing a funny YouTube video every day. Even if work piles up and there’s a lot to do, make fun a priority. When humor and laughter is injected, everything will seem lighter… and productivity doubles.

5. Let Them Work

Let them work! Progress encourages progress. This is arguably the most cost-effective approach to encouraging productivity. Research executed by Harvard Business Review demonstrated that it is progress that motivates employees the most. Take the time to show your employees the tangible difference their work is making in the machine.

6. Highlight Their Successes

It doesn’t cost anything to make someone an employee of the month, or publicly acknowledge the things they’re doing well. A pat on the back, big or small, makes us all feel more valuable and appreciated, and as a natural result we all try harder to be a little better.

7. Unannounced Bonuses

If you want to take that “pat on the back” a little further – and you can afford to – it’s almost a guarantee that rewarding an employee financially will pack you back 5 fold in productivity. Again, when we are acknowledged for doing well we try and maintain that level of admiration willingly and sometimes subconsciously.

So there you have it- a few tricks to make your staff happier and increase productivity. You can start small with a few plants in the office, or a new piece of art.

Just start.

I guarantee you will see a difference in your employees, and in your business.


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