9 Things “Guru” Outsourcers Don’t Do Themselves…

The days of doing it all yourself have passed, and the most successful entrepreneurs I know (and train) understand that your power to delegate is your power to make money. Outsourcing IS the new black, and managing and growing your business has never been easier if you know how to outsource effectively.

If you’re anything like I was, you’re already sold on outsourcing (sign me up to do less!) but you’re not sure which tasks you can trust in someone else’s hands, or what virtual assistants are even capable of.

So, here’s a list of a few things I’ve had success outsourcing. And the great news is, all of these can be outsourced part-time in a small business.

So pick one and take a step towards doing less.

1. Data Mining & Entry – Also called “busy work”. Don’t get me wrong, creating that VIP client list is crucial, but again, it’s something you can outsource very easily to an assistant and get back to doing what you do best- being the Rainmaker!

2. Graphics – There are lots of options for outsourcing graphics. Any type of logo, website graphics, or marketing graphics you might need can be created by someone else, and for really reasonable prices. Give someone who has a creative eye the list of what you want and let them work their magic. Some of my favorite resources for graphics outsourcing are fiverr.com, odesk.com, and sitepoint.com.

3. Transcription – Transcribing webinars, podcasts, or any type of video content takes time- a lot of it. Especially if you don’t have the equipment to make it easy. So save yourself a headache and an entire day of your time and outsource this one.

4. Content Curation – Of course you understand the hot topics in your market, that’s why you’re an entrepreneur! But staying on top of what your clients want and what’s new in your niche can take hours of research. Outsourcing the gathering and organization of content is the perfect task for a VA.

5. Social Media Posting – This is the most common area I see business owners outsourcing and for good reason. We all know the benefits of social media in our businesses but staying on top of frequent postings in all of them is stressful! There’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. A dedicated assistant can take all of that stress away by moderating comments on Facebook, updating your statuses, and posting on a schedule to help you stay connected.

6. SEO – Creating a system for SEO is your job..but implementing it is not. SEO and Lead Generation should and CAN be outsourced as a priority in every business. It keeps you growing. Once you have a VA plugged into that system, you’ll be set.

7. Blog Posting – The business blogging trend is on the rise! Blogging can help you with marketing and advertising, as well as connecting with your customer base. But creating content and timing posts shouldn’t be your top priority as an entrepreneur. Getting a VA to handle blog posts is definitely a smart investment.

8. Project Management – Let’s say you’ve got several different projects being outsourced simultaneously- even managing your Outsourced employees can feel like a time-consuming juggling act! Finding a reliable and experienced VA to be a project manager over all your outsourced projects will save you stress, time, and allow you to be completely hands off, even in the outsourced part of your business. This, my friends, is the ideal!

9. Copywriting – This can be a simple sales page, a long form sales page, or any type of specialized content you don’t want to spend time writing. Copywriters charge a pretty penny- and there’s a reason for it! If writing copy isn’t your forte, find someone with that specialized skillset and hire it out. It will be an investment that quickly pays you back. If you don’t outsource this one, you’ll spend days and sometimes weeks of your own time trying to churn out a sales page and still end up with mediocre copy. Don’t make that mistake! Outsource it!

Remember, your success in your business isn’t about what you can do, it’s about what you can get others to do for you.

The difference between the success you’re having now and the phenomenal success you want is outsourcing!

I challenge you to choose at least one of the things in this list and get a VA working on it for you.

You’ll be amazed at the time you save and how your business improves.


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