How To Bait Your Employees…

It sounds a lot worse than it really is.

One of the big challenges you sometimes hit when outsourcing is keeping your people motivated and happy.

What I’m talking about is how to guarantee that your employees stay happy, so you stay happy.

Win, win.

Here’s my best tips to strengthen your relationship with your outsourced employees and keep them moving in the right direction.

And coming from someone who has had loyal and awesome outsourced workers for over 15 years, I can guarantee these are the tools to keep them happy.

1. Communicate…a lot.

It is vital to keep the communication going. Whether it’s through skype, email, or google chat, keep a line open. It makes them feel more secure, keeps them on task, and allows a relationship to develop.

2. Praise them…a lot.

Let them feel that their work is well appreciated. Take the time out to recognize their achievements. Remember to thank them no matter how big or small the task is. Simple praise goes a long way.

3. Keep them in the loop.

Don’t isolate your remote workforce. Introduce them to the working body. Web conferencing can be very helpful. It helps them feel connected to other employees and part of the company as a whole. I also like to give them the big picture when I’m having them do a task so they are clear on why they’re doing it and how it fits into the machine.

4. Give feedback…a lot.

Receiving their work without any feedback leaves them wondering if they have done the job right. So make it a point to give feedback or solicit their opinion whenever you can. Listen to what they have to say. This way, you will have the chance to know their strengths and weaknesses.

5. Utilize tools to help monitor their quality of work.

Products like JoyProof, which were created to monitor outsourced employees and guarantee you’re getting what you’ve paid for, can help your employees feel more confident in themselves. It seems counterintuitive but I’ve had employees tell me it increases their confidence because they know they won’t have their work or their integrity questioned.

As an employer, it’s good to be careful using monitoring software with your employees.

Using them as threat or surveillance will actually backfire on you.

Implement these things and you’ll have happier, more productive and enthusiastic employees who will be loyal to you and help you reach your business visions.

And that’s what you really want, isn’t it?


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