Outsourcing Is The New Black

Outsourcing is in.

It’s hot.

Whether you’re wanting to expand your business, or just take more off your own plate, outsourcing is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs.

More and more people prefer to work online, for themselves, from home…so you won’t be hard-pressed to find workers.

If you’re new to the scene, here’s some pointers that should help you get off the ground in your outsourcing.

1. Be Flexible

Be flexible and willing to make the necessary adjustments that come with managing employees virtually.

There are some differences between virtual employees and in person employees – particularly when they are foreign. Time difference, language barrier…all of these are normal things that are just take some getting used to.

Be patient with yourself and your new employees. You are learning together and there will be an opportunity to do things like set up systems. You won’t do everything perfectly the first time and neither will your people.

2. Set Expectations

Everything from daily reporting, time tracking, and when you will have meetings together should be laid out clearly for your employee. In my course on outsourcing, I provide a free template that I use with my employees that can be incredibly helpful.

It is also very important for you to be clear about objectives and goals. Let them know that there is a big project that you expect to be done by a certain date. Keep them in the loop with what’s happening and they’ll feel like part of the team…because they are.

3. Keep an Open Line of Communication

If you want your collaboration with your outsourced employees to be successful, keep the channels for communication open. Since you will not be able to personally meet with your employees, you can choose from the various online software that will allow you to conduct meetings. You can conduct trainings, weekly meetings, or Q&A sessions with all of your virtual workers.

Let them know they have access to you when they need you- or a project manager if you have one- and it will help them feel supported.

I also encourage daily communication through a chat service like Gmail chat or something similar.

Outsourcing really has the power to change your life. I can promise you that it will feel as easy as breathing once you get it going. Trust that a little elbow grease in the beginning is worth it for how smooth your outsourcing machine will run for you, with no effort on your part at all!

You’ll be making money in your sleep.



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