The Best Kept Secrets To Happy Employees

Is there a connection between employees’ happiness and their productivity?

That’s the golden question that many researches have been studying for some time.

And the answer is yes.

In fact, there’s pretty conclusive evidence that “happiness” will increase your people’s productivity by 12%.

Many companies are taking these studies seriously since employee productivity is crucial to the growth of the company. One of these that you’ve probably heard about is Google.

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The Science Of Productive Employees & What It Means For You

Your staff, no matter where they are, are the most essential part of your organization.

They are the source of energy that drives the company and keeps it going.

A healthy, motivated staff keep all the working parts in the machine moving and they add fuel to the overall fire.

Knowing that their piece is so critical, how can you guarantee that they are productive and satisfied?

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Outsourcing Is The New Black

Outsourcing is in.

It’s hot.

Whether you’re wanting to expand your business, or just take more off your own plate, outsourcing is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs.

More and more people prefer to work online, for themselves, from home…so you won’t be hard-pressed to find workers.

If you’re new to the scene, here’s some pointers that should help you get off the ground in your outsourcing.

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