The 3 Things Your Employee Really Wants To Hear

The other day my wife asked me where something was in the office and I wasted at least a minute trying to describe where it was.

Sometimes business is like that.

Explaining all the things you want done and how to do them to an in-person employee can be difficult. Now imagine doing the same with an outsourced worker halfway across the globe.

Things can get pretty dicey.

A lot of trial and error has taught me some valuable communication hacks.

And Communication is key.

Here are my top tips for improving communication with your employees.

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7 Easy Ways to Increase Staff Productivity by 12%

Keeping your employees productive and efficient is key in any business.

Big or small, every company tries to find different ways to make their employees hours’ count.

Wanna know the secret to having more productive, harder working employees?


Happy employees are productive employees.

It’s that simple. When your people feel good, happy and valued, their work quality and output increase.

And it’s not just a bunch of hoopla, either.

Science proves it.

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3 Outsourcing Mistakes Killing Most Businesses Right Now…

You’re wearing all the hats because you don’t know which ones you can take off. Am I right?

Well, I’m going to tell you which ones you can!

Here’s my take on three of the basic things you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant to get started on wearing less hats.

Remember ***(Less Hats = More Money!)***

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