5 Hacks That Turn Idiots Into Outsourcing Moguls…

Whether you want to hire overseas or closer to your home base, here are some creative outsourcing ideas that you can hire out!

1. Raw Coding

The great news about coding is that it’s a language all it’s own. It doesn’t matter if an employee’s native language is French, Spanish, Japanese or English. Writing code for plug-ins, websites, apps, or landing pages is universal. So you don’t have to know Javascript, HTML or CSS…just outsource it!

2. Scripted Customer Service

Outsourcing your live chat customer service is always a good idea. You need to have people available almost around the clock for your customers, but it’s not feasible to have someone in-house handling that. The good news is that with a good script, and a basic understanding of the business, they can successfully help your customers. Another benefit to outsourcing this is you have people on the clock while you sleep, which means your customers have access to help 24/7.

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How To Choose Your Perfect Work-Wife

When you outsource, the reality is that you’re choosing a partner. A work-wife of sorts.

It’s kind of a big deal.

You wouldn’t want to jump in bed and commit to the first girl you meet…right?

You want her to fit the role well. Maybe she needs to be smart, fun, interesting, capable, and trustworthy.

The same thing applies to choosing an outsourcing partner. It helps to imagine that you’re going to be dating them.

What qualities would be totally critical to a dating relationship?

The following is a list of the traits I look for in my prospective partners.

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4 Tips To Guarantee Success With Your Freelancers

The days of outsourcing costing a small fortune are gone. You can get incredible work for incredible value… and more easily than ever.

But how do you guarantee your own success when you outsource with a freelancer?

A few years in the business and a few less than ideal experiences have lead me to create this list of tips for you to guarantee you get the results you’re hoping for when you hire a freelancer. Check it out.

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