My Secret To Finding 5-Star Employees For “Pennies”…

Paying outsourced employees is a hot topic right now and I receive a lot of questions about it, so I thought I would fill everyone in on where I stand. I sometimes get people who ask me if it is really ethical to pay so little – less than minimum wage in the US, to my outsourced employees (particularly my Filipino employees).

It’s a valid and widely asked question, but it’s also an ignorant one. People who ask this are usually incredibly unfamiliar with the economic culture of the Philippines.

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4 Time Wasters You Might Be Overlooking…

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to cross some things off your daily to-do list permanently?

It would – and it will.

I’ll show you how… through outsourcing.

Here are 4 things you should stop doing yourself, and start outsourcing today.

1. Paperwork

I’ve got news for you – if you have a stack of papers in your personal life… you know the one, with opened and unopened mail, bills that are unpaid, flyers from your kids’ school – then you likely have the same kind of pile of papers at your business. Habits are habits. The culprits at the office are typically financial documents, taxes, and legal docs. In other words, IMPORTANT stuff.

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Your Brand Is Your Responsibility – Or Is It?

Social Media sometimes feels like that devil that’s a necessary evil in your business. It’s critical, and yet time-consuming, stressful, and there’s generally a pretty wicked learning curve.

Bad social media is bad for business, bottom line. It will hurt your brand and customer loyalty.

So what can you do to outsource your company’s social media successfully and what’s important to look for?

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