9 Reasons Why Your Outsourcing Might Fail…

These people learned the hard way so that you don’t have to. Here’s my list of the top 9 overlooked outsourcing mistakes made by entrepreneurs. Check it out.

1. No managers

Obviously your employees can manage themselves for the most part, but they are not managing your business. Know the difference. I recommend having a project manager who is American be over your outsourced employees to keep tabs on them and be in the know about what’s happening.

2. Outsourcing to any country

Labor rates are lower in some countries but culture and language are the real keys to your business’s success. I really only recommend using the Philippines for outsourced work for a number of reasons. Trust me on this one.

3. Outsourcing too much

I’m an outsourcing junkie and I preach how important it is to outsource every day. I don’t see it often but occasionally I see people who have taken outsourcing too far. You are still the brain of the company – don’t try and give that away.

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Why You Should GTFO Of Your Business

I talk a lot about outsourcing. You might say I’m passionate about it.

Something I’ve learned over the last 15 years of outsourcing is how to trust the systems you’ve created. To really let go once your systems are in place and allow the flow that you’ve worked your ass off to create to actually FLOW!

This is shockingly hard for some of the people I coach. They do all the work to be hands off in their business, and then they avoid the opportunity to step away and let the machine run itself.

I get it. Because I’ve been there.

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