Read Any Book In Less Than 5 Minutes

Just last week I had 7 different books recommended by friends and colleagues who said “You HAVE to read this!”

A while ago those 7 books would have been added to my never ending list of books that I would hopefully get around to reading someday.

Sound familiar?

The reality is there’s just so much information out there. You’ll never have enough time to filter through everything.

But let’s say you decide to try…

  • What if the information is outdated?
  • What if 99% of the book is just fluff (who would buy a 7 page book… right!?)
  • What if you spend a week, month, or longer reading it only to discover the information wasn’t what you needed?

Yep – been there… done that. It’s not fun.

So what did I do to solve this problem?

I outsourced it and made it into a simple system!

(You know me well enough by now that it shouldn’t surprise you!)

This is when it pays to have a really smart friend. The kind of smart where he worked as a library researcher at Penn State University.

I took his process for academic research and created a system for how to hack my own reading.

I wanted to cut out the fluff and get straight to the core principles and strategies that would make a difference.

This system automatically answers the question:

“What’s the 20% that will give me the 80% most effective dose and help produce the result I want?”

And it works every time. For every book.

Watch the video above to see the system in action.

As you can see in the video, my 80/20 Reading Hack is simple and easy to use.

If reading is an important part of your life and business, you now have a smart and easy way to still learn the core principles and strategies that will make a difference.

Feel free to use this system for yourself and tackle your reading list the easy way!

You can download the Reading Hack Tool here:



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