The Best Kept Secrets To Happy Employees

Is there a connection between employees’ happiness and their productivity?

That’s the golden question that many researches have been studying for some time.

And the answer is yes.

In fact, there’s pretty conclusive evidence that “happiness” will increase your people’s productivity by 12%.

Many companies are taking these studies seriously since employee productivity is crucial to the growth of the company. One of these that you’ve probably heard about is Google. Other companies following Google’s model for their employees are SuperMedia, UNISYS, GE Capital Bank, Rockwell Collins, Ernst & Young, DynCorp, Applied Materials, Coca-Cola Company, and Aecom.

In other words, big successful companies are consciously making it a priority to make their employees’ happiness a priority.

I know that you’re not Google.

But I bet you’re wondering what the simplest and easiest ways are for you to make your employees happier, and subsequently more motivated and productive? Ron Friedman has addressed this dilemma for many companies in his new book “The Best Place To Work.”

Here are 6 valuable excerpts from Friedman’s book:

1. Give Frequent Rewards.

The more the merrier. Giving rewards at smaller intervals is a key factor in keeping employees happy. Making your people wait for quarterly bonuses might mean waiting to see numbers increase until then, too.

2. Break the Routine.

Doing something, anything out of the ordinary, can pay dividends for morale.

3. Surprise your Employees.

Surprise lunches, unmerited rewards and other simple favorable acts can override stress and monotony in the workplace.

4. Go Big.

If there is an event like a work party, or someone’s birthday – make it a big deal. If you can treat your staff to a bigger than usual experience, it will increase their commitment and satisfaction in the company.

5. Revamp Your Space.

A refreshed workspace does more psychologically for your employees than you would think. Doing something as simple as placing live plants near your employees, for example, has been proven to increase spirits.

6. Over-Acknowledge.

We all do better when we are acknowledged for what we are doing well. The same goes for your employees. When they understand how valuable they are – that their position is as important to the companies’ as yours, it makes a big difference.

Further studies show that when employees are happy, they become better collaborators, can work efficiently with a team and can think outside of the box while bringing out their inherent creativity.

So next time you hear “happy wife, happy life” you’ll know that it’s at least partway true.

(At least when it’s about your employees in the workplace.)

Cheers to happier employees and fatter wallets!


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