The Idiot’s Guide to Outsourcing…

I’m all for jumping on the outsourcing bandwagon.

It’s what I preach about..hell it’s what I dream about.

I wish more people would see the light and jump on.

But I’m all about doing it smart. And yes, there is a smart way to outsource.

Here’s my tips for outsourcing effectively for the most success:

1. Have a Plan

At least have an idea of what tasks you are ready to outsource when you go in search of either virtual help or outsourcers. Not all virtual assistants have experience in specific niches of the online marketplace. It’s helpful to know what you need ahead of time so that you can tailor your hiring process to it.

2. Use My System

I don’t mean to promote myself, but my outsourcing course is the absolute best there is on the market for guaranteeing your success and results. You don’t want to go through the time, trouble and risk of hiring a crap employee. So don’t! My way is the way to avoid the hassle, time and risk involved with outsourcing from start to finish. Check it out here.

3. Go For It!

Just take action. Even if you don’t use my system, try something. Hire someone on Odesk, or Fiverr, or any other soft form of outsourced work. You’ll get a feel for what outsourcing is like, and you’ll gain experience to make you more confident moving into higher level outsourcing.

I know – it’s really simple. But at the end of the day, you have to get your toes out of the water and jump in!

The outsourcing water is warm and you won’t regret it.


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