The Science Of Productive Employees & What It Means For You

Your staff, no matter where they are, are the most essential part of your organization.

They are the source of energy that drives the company and keeps it going.

A healthy, motivated staff keep all the working parts in the machine moving and they add fuel to the overall fire.

Knowing that their piece is so critical, how can you guarantee that they are productive and satisfied?

Here’s a few of my favorite ways.

On-Time Compensation.

Compensation is the very reason your employees agreed to work with you. Thus, it is important to keep it on time. While money is not always the solution, it is still the top motivating factor for most employees. And just like you, they also have to pay bills on time. It also creates trust and cooperation when you keep your word about pay.


Apart from compensation, giving out rewards and incentives is incredibly effective.
Being rewarded for a job well done encourages your employee and other staff to perform even better. I like to surprise my employees when they least expect it – and it always works in my favor.

Trust and Confidence.

When you give them trust, they usually value it. Policing them actually increases their stress and they’re less likely to perform well. But when you are confident your employees are doing what they are asked for without policing their day to day activities, there can be a healthy and productive relationship.

Fun & Time Off.

All work and no play makes your employees dull.

Keep a balanced atmosphere – work and play. Even if your outsourced staff is miles away from you, make sure that they are taking the time off. Encourage them to use holidays that they are entitled to. Let them maximize their time off and let them go on leave when the situation calls for it.

I think all of this really boils down to making your people feel valued and crucial.

To Outsourcing!


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