Why You Don’t Need To Outsource…

You Don’t Need To Outsource…

If you’re happy making less money, and playing small in your business.

Almost every entrepreneur I work with has tried to play the game of juggling it all themselves.

Sometimes they’re afraid of losing control if they hand things off to other people. Maybe they believe only they can do what they do as well as they do it. Or sometimes they don’t think they can afford the help they need.

Well, I’m calling bullshit on that!

Yeah, MAJOR bullshit.

You know what all these entrepreneurs have in common?


I know, I know…it sounds a little harsh. Let me explain.

I used to be just like a lot of my clients. A successful business owner, but I was still my most important employee.

At times I lived in overwhelm, exhaustion, and stress, trying to keep all the balls in the air.

When my kids were small I didn’t see them much. I became a certified fat-ass from stress and convenience eating.

I worked non-stop, sometimes through the night to get the job done.

Bottom line: I was fat, tired, and burned out.

Living the business owner’s dream, eh?

I eventually bit the outsourcing bullet, and guess what guys? It didn’t kill me.

It actually saved me.

So now I spend my time preaching the gospel of outsourcing to other entrepreneurs who need salvation and redemption!

Let me convert you. Here’s my top 3 reasons to outsource:

1. Someone can always do it better than you.

It’s not personal. It’s just the way it is. And I don’t know that I even believed this until I experienced it myself.

Write my own copy, I thought. It can’t be that hard, I thought. Well it was that hard. And it was that bad.

Turns out I can talk to anyone in a room, but putting my thoughts onto paper in the form of sales copy was…well not good.

But you know what some people are good at? Putting thoughts onto paper in the form of sales copy. So now I pay people to do what I suck at, and I make a lot of money.

2. Time is your greatest asset.

I know you think that your skill set is your greatest asset, and to some degree that’s true. But I’m here to tell you that your time is your greatest asset. And your ability to manage it wisely is your greatest skill set.

Ultimately, you are the Rainmaker! Your time should revolve around those tasks that bring in new business.

Anything that helps maintain the flow of existing business can and should be delegated.

Remember, a man is rich in the number of things he can afford to let alone.

3. Life is easier when you outsource.

This is the bottom line. When I finally outsourced, I reclaimed my time, my health, and my life.

My relationships got better because I wasn’t the workaholic dad. I got to be present in my kids’ lives, and take our family dog on walks.

I was finally FREE.

Free to live my passion of being the successful entrepreneur I always wanted to be. AND help others do the same.

So, now that I’ve shared with you the good news of the gospel outsourcing, you ready to get baptized?

Good. I’ll meet ya down by the river.


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