Why You Should GTFO Of Your Business

I talk a lot about outsourcing. You might say I’m passionate about it.

Something I’ve learned over the last 15 years of outsourcing is how to trust the systems you’ve created. To really let go once your systems are in place and allow the flow that you’ve worked your ass off to create to actually FLOW!

This is shockingly hard for some of the people I coach. They do all the work to be hands off in their business, and then they avoid the opportunity to step away and let the machine run itself.

I get it. Because I’ve been there.

It’s one thing to have your systems in place and it feels like another thing entirely to trust that system by walking away from it; even if it’s just for a little while. I’ll admit, I was hesitant for years to take a vacation, especially in the early years of any business venture. Eventually I saw the benefits, and arguably the necessity in vacationing, and forcing myself to take a break.

Trust me when I say that a few days away is not only a good idea, but it’s the most important thing you can do to grow your business.

I say this for two reasons.

The first is that a vacation on your part allows the system to be tested for weak spots. And you can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge.

The second and most important reason to get away is so that you can work ON your business instead of IN your business. It’s hard to see the whole picture when you’re involved in all the small details. Get inspired about what’s next for your business. Find solutions to the obstacles and challenges that you’re facing in your work. Take a deep breath and clear your mind, so that you can refocus on what really matters; being the bad-ass Rainmaker again.

It doesn’t have to be a “lent” of all business when you’re on vacation. If you’re going to be more stressed if you don’t have access to your phone, stay connected. Do what works for you, but be intentional about stepping away momentarily and you won’t be disappointed.

Making time away can offer us some of our greatest breakthroughs – the times when we can’t run from our thoughts can serve us if we allow them. The hustle dies down momentarily and we have the opportunity to create, as masters of ideas and rainmakers.

Isn’t that what you really want?


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