Your Brand Is Your Responsibility – Or Is It?

Social Media sometimes feels like that devil that’s a necessary evil in your business. It’s critical, and yet time-consuming, stressful, and there’s generally a pretty wicked learning curve.

Bad social media is bad for business, bottom line. It will hurt your brand and customer loyalty.

So what can you do to outsource your company’s social media successfully and what’s important to look for? In my experience, the following are important. Your employees must…

  • Be familiar with social media platforms
  • Be willing to test and master new social media tools
  • Be aware of what’s hot in the SM industry
  • Understand FCC disclosure laws
  • Produce content in a variety of different formats
  • Have the speaking skills and smarts to represent your brand on SM

So who shouldn’t be touching your brand?

People that don’t know how to filter themselves online make poor brand stewards–I think it’s worth your time in the hiring process to look at the people who’ll be representing you and check out their personal social media accounts.

Are they bad-mouthing competitors? If this isn’t within your brand ethics, then steer clear of these types.

Someone who cannot communicate clearly would also not be a good fit for handling your social media.

Remember – these days your business gets more exposure through SM than through almost any other form of publicity. Most of your potential clients will get their first experience of your brand from social media. Be picky about how and to whom you outsource this aspect of your business.

Happy Outsourcing!


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