Tired Of Being A Slave To Your Business?

You want a business that runs like a well-oiled machine. The problem is, YOU are your company’s most valuable employee. I’d be willing to bet, you can relate to at least one of these scenarios:

  • Exhausted from constantly putting out fires...
  • Overwhelmed with all the crap that needs to get done…
  • Hate hearing or saying “Oops, I Forgot!” - because things fall through the cracks
  • Stressed out… and let your personal life go to shit (Free time, vacations, exercise... etc.)...
  • Pissed you lose momentum… or even worse - stop making money, when you take time off...

If some of these scenarios feel familiar to you, trust me. I get it.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of business owners who feel exactly the same way.

Not to mention, that was me 18 years ago.

Stressed-out, exhausted, and overwhelmed… but ready for something different.

So yes, I know exactly what you are going through.

In fact, I specialize in helping business owners who are in this exact position, break through to the next level.

Gonzalo Paternoster

Escape The "Bottleneck" Syndrome

Being a business owner doesn’t come with a job description. I know - it sucks sometimes.

If you’re like most of the entrepreneurs I've worked with, you feel the burden of having everything on your shoulders.

The reality is, you'll never grow your business into the business you really want... if you’re the only one that can make things happen.

So are you the “bottleneck” to your own growth?

How you answer the following 10 questions will give you a pretty good indication:

  1. Do you have documented processes (simple checklists) that employees can follow?
  2. Do you have accountability in place to make sure tasks are done… and done right?
  3. What happens if your most important employee leaves - does everything fall apart?
  4. If you get sick and can’t work for a week, does your business tank?
  5. Can you count on people to do things the same way... or do you always have to check their work?
  6. Can you hire someone right off the street, and within 1-2 days they’re performing tasks from a checklist?
  7. Do you have results that are consistent because you have a predictable way of doing things?
  8. Have your employees ever forgotten something important, that cost you money or stress?
  9. Does it feel like nobody else in the company is willing to take initiative and think for themselves?
  10. Do you want to create systems that will help put your business on autopilot, but you don’t know where to start?

When I had to ask myself these questions it didn’t feel very good. But at the same time it felt great. It was like someone took the blinders off... and I could see for the first time how to turn everything around.

I knew I could create the success I truly wanted, once I implemented the missing piece. A systems based business.

A Business That Runs Like A Well-Oiled Machine

Imagine what your life would be like if…

  • Things run right without micromanaging...
  • You’re making great money...without spending every minute of every day on your business...
  • You wake up well rested and confident, knowing that your business operates smoothly with the systems you have in place...
  • People get shit done without needing your constant attention or approval...
  • When an important employee leaves, someone else can take over the next day without missing a beat ( because everything is completely documented & systemized)…
  • No more chaos and stress…
  • You can take time off whenever you want…
  • Your business functions perfectly and efficiently without you!

In Just 4 Weeks

I know this is what you really want - a business that flows and can grow without consuming your life.

This is exactly what I do for people by helping them create and implement simple procedures and systems.

And in fact, it doesn’t take months or years either.

As a successful business owner, I know how valuable your time is. That’s why my coaching program only requires 2-4 hours a week of your personal time to get real results.

You’ll be able to systemize your business in as little as 4 weeks.

I’ve Got The Systems Game Figured Out

Nobody else has the systems IQ that I have.

Bold Statement? Yes.

And you won't understand that until you're in the trenches with me.

It’s what I live and breathe.

I’ve worked with clients of all size in pretty much every industry.

Business owners just like you.

People who believed in themselves and their business… and who made a commitment to take their success to the level by leveraging my expertise. Here's what people are saying...

Joshua Zamora Joshua Zamora, Serial Software Entrepreneur

"21 minutes...that's how long it took Gonzalo Paternoster to save me over 33 days on tasks that I can easily outsource...AND that's just the beginning. If you're looking to scale your business and start automating a lot of what you do, hit up Gonzalo. The guy is an absolute BEAST at systemizing and outsourcing."

Justin Spencer Justin Spencer, Entrepreneur

"Just got off a call with Gonzalo Paternoster and discovered how to get back literally 124 days of my year by automating 1 tiny section of my business that's been eating tons of my time and energy. The idea and structure of the implementation is so simple but so genius. Cannot wait to see how quickly I double my business with all of this new free time."

Lisa Allen Lisa Allen, MindLink Labs

"Personal thanks from the bottom of my heart to Gonzalo for an awesome coaching call last night...and probably the best coaching call I've ever been on. It's rare to find someone so efficient and business savvy who is also willing to just sit and talk with you like a real person."

Bill Walsh Bill Walsh, The Client Catcher

"Shout out to Gonzalo Paternoster...this dude is so awesome with outsourcing. I just used his method to get my next piece of software built!!!!! He is the man!!!"

Teri Rose Teri Rose, Peace of Success Coaching

I was amazed by his insight and obvious desire to really understand how to help me. His wisdom, expertise, and heart really shines through.

Joe Troyer Joe Troyer, Digital Triggers

"Even if you already outsource and have the "process" down be prepared for your world to be rocked."

I Guarantee Results. Period.

I take a different approach than other “coaches” out there.

Most coaches follow the same status-quo method and promise a lot of results without any risk on their part.

Their compensation is not based on you achieving your goal.

Well that’s not a win-win strategy for me!

Don’t get me wrong - I love money. But I want to make sure I earn my money.

My job is to guide you every step of the way, help you overcome obstacles when you hit a wall, and hold you accountable to get the job done.

If I do my job, I should be rewarded.

Which makes me more motivated to help you achieve your goal!

Here’s how it works:

My coaching fee is $32,000.

But you only pay $12,000 upfront to begin the program.

The remaining $20,000 is based on performance, and broken down into 2 separate success payments.

Together, we will come up and agree on 2 goals or milestones that you want to reach.

They will be realistic, but will also push both of us to be at the top of our game.

When you reach your 1st milestone, you pay the first $10,000.

When you reach your 2nd milestone, you pay the remaining $10,000.

It’s really that simple and there’s no catch.

My compensation is based on the finished product... which is you and your success.

Who else is willing to do that?

NOBODY. (I’ve checked).

But i’m happy to put it all on the line like this because every single one of my clients gets the results they want.

Every. Single. One.

Yes, Gonzalo! I Want Help...

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

My coaching program isn't for everyone. It may be a great fit for you, or it may not.
But there’s no risk or cost to find out if this coaching is for you.
The process is easy...

Step #1: Click the button below right now, while all of this is on your mind.

You'll be sent to a questionnaire immediately. Please fill it out completely.

Step #2: When you're done filling out the questionnaire, hit the Submit Button.

I will personally review it, and quickly decide if my coaching will be a profitable investment for you. (I refuse to work with anyone I don’t believe 100% I can help.)

Step #3: If I think we’re a good fit, my assistant will email you to schedule a time for us to talk in the next few days.

This first call is all about helping you decide if my personal coaching is a good fit for both of us.

It's not a sales call. It’s a 2-way interview to make sure we agree this is a good match.

This can be a short call. However, we'll stay on until you're satisfied you're ready to start coaching, or move on.

If after the call you decide my coaching isn’t for you, or feel we’re not a good fit, we’ll part friends.

There is no obligation on your part until you’ve have decided to become a client.

Ready To Create Your Ideal?

My coaching program is for serious business owners and entrepreneurs only.

The ones who are ready for the missing piece

...that will create the freedom you deserve in the fastest and easiest way possible.

You should know this opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time I give to my clients.

Therefore, it’s physically impossible for me to work with more than 2 clients at a time.

So with that said…

If you're excited by this opportunity, it's time to move.

Yes, Gonzalo! I Want Help...

Remember, you risk nothing by doing the questionnaire... however, you risk missing out on what could be the best growth opportunity for you and your business if you hesitate.

Talk Soon,


Gonzalo Paternoster

P.S. Let me get serious for a moment...

When you work with me, you become family.

You see, I put food in the bottomless stomachs of my 3 teenagers when you exchange your trust and money for my expertise. That relationship means something to me.

If you want to pay truckloads of cash to someone who views you as a paycheck… I wish you the best of luck.

But when you work with me, you work with a seasoned professional who takes this work and your success seriously.

Like family should.

And that’s a promise.

Yes, Gonzalo! I Want Help...